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Escuchame senorita, if you don’t respect yourself
Don’t expect respect from anyone else
Don’t expect un hombre to support you with wealth
Go to college and be successful, do it for delft
Nunca vas a ser shit without knowledge your self
Mamis with cultural ineptitude are bad for your health
That’s the type of mujer that I put back on the shelf
And go back to the pack crowd to look for somebody else”

This Popular Male Artist perspective is brought to you by Drake.

Katie Couric: “Some lyrics can be demeaning to women, what does that mean for the new generation?”
Drake: “There’s a fine line between demeaning…and fun, and wit. A lot of the music that me and Wayne made, for example…it’s fun, it’s witty. ‘I Wanna F*** Every Girl In The World, that’s one of our biggest songs. Is it to be taken literally and dissected? No. It’s more just fun, witty moments. Hip hop has elements of comedy. Those make the best punch lines. “

"I ain’t bein disrespectful baby I’m just bein Millz
And I dunno how fake feels so I gotta keep it real
I just wanna f___ every girl in the world

Every model, every singer, every actress, every diva
Every House of Diddy chick, every college girl, every skeezer,
Stripper and every housewife that resemble Eva
My role model was Will, so married women and MILF,
It doesn’t matter who you is
You can get the business” 


I’ll leave you with this thought:

Women’s anger challenges men to acknowledge attempts to trivialize opression with, “I was only kidding." And women’s anger is unacceptable to men who look to women to take care of them, to prop up their need to feel in control, and to support them in their competition with other men. When women are less than gracious and good-humored about their own oppression, men often feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, at a loss, and therefore vulnerable.” -Allan G. Johnson

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